Learned Excellence Begins With People-First Leaders

Success is simply the outcome of how you treat the people around you. It’s a fundamental truth people-first leaders have always accepted, knowing their leadership can fuel one of two paths: learned excellence or learned helplessness.

At Bluewater, we partner with leaders who are morally obligated to do right by their people, first by pursuing excellence themselves and then using that abundance to spark learned excellence in others.

Talent Management

Our team infuses new energy and understanding into the people within an organization. From executive recruiting to long-term retention, Bluewater focuses on discovering and building talent to reach their pinnacle potential.

Business Consulting

From organizational development to business strategy, Bluewater’s consulting pinpoints and addresses even the most complicated challenges facing the organization with a step-by-step customized plan to institute change.

Training & Facilitation

Our acclaimed Leadership Development Program transforms managers into leaders. Through a unique combination of lecture, theory role-play, Harvard Business Review cases and real-world exercises, high potential leaders emerge.

Assessments & Diagnostics

Understanding people and their propensity to develop and grow starts with understanding the data. Bluewater uses the industry’s most reliable assessments to delve deep into how they behave and communicate.

The Bluewater Way

Bluewater partners with leaders who are compelled to uncovering the very best in their people. By doing so, they can set their business on the path of prosperity. Led by industry leader and founder Mark Debinski, Bluewater brings clarity, purpose and action to its clients through recruitment, leadership training, consulting and coaching to businesses of all sizes across the United States.