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What is the Cost of a Nincompoop?

Click here to download the article: “What is the Cost of a Nincompoop – TQPI” Hi, I’m Mark Debinski, Chief Talent Officer of Bluewater Advisory,  broadcasting today from Miami Beach and today’s blog topic is What is the True Cost of a Nincompoop?  You heard me correctly, a Nincompoop!  I’m sure you have seen them and you have probably worked with one or two. A colleague of ours, George Henderson, Founder of Top-Quartile Performance Institute based in Denver, has written a great article that objectively quantifies the cost of a Nincompoop and the damage it can do to an organization. Rather
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Onboarding New Employees: What You May Be Missing

The process of onboarding new employees seems straightforward at first: introduce them to their team, their workflow and align them with your company’s objectives. However, bringing on new employees is often not as easy as thought, and often an overlooked – or worse, failed – opportunity to get new team members working at their highest and best use in an efficient manner. How can you be certain that your new employees will acclimate to the company culture? Are they clear on the key accountabilities of their position? How can you develop your employee over time to better meet those accountabilities?
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Raising Recruitment Value Proposition

Hi, I’m Rebecca Debinski, daughter of Mark Debinski Chief Talent Officer of Bluewater Advisory, who is out conducting a Job Benchmark right now. I’m in the Outer Banks and I’m here to explain to you how Bluewater Advisory is able to significantly raise recruiting value proposition without raising fees.  Bluewater is able to do so because first, they are highly analytical and by using the job benchmark patented process and by assessing all possible candidates for the job , can provide the client with a job fit index. Second, Bluewater has an onboarding component which is like a roadmap to
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