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Is it like an Online Dating Site?

Hi, I’m Mark Debinski, Founder & Managing Member of Bluewater Advisory, broadcasting again this week from the beautiful Gulf Coast as we facilitate leadership training for an organization with whom we’ve worked for about three years. Today’s topic – Is Bluewater’s recruitment process similar to those online dating and matchmaking sites? Bluewater presented at an event last week and during the Q/A session, a gentleman raised his hand and said, “I think I understand that you use analytics in your recruitment process.  My question is, is it similar to those online dating or matchmaking sites?”  And the short answer is YES, it
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Job Benchmarking Process: How To Set Your Hiring Standard

No element is more crucial to successful recruiting than the job benchmarking process. A strong job benchmark can mean the difference between hiring the perfect employee and making a costly hiring mistake. But how can you create a job benchmark that will identify the best talent possible for a given position? How can you be certain that the metrics you are weighing potential applicants against are the most correct and reliable? Read on to discover the one mistake you may be making in your job benchmarking process, and how a better job benchmark can help you set the ideal standard
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