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Is Emotional Intelligence Required to be a Great Leader?

Hi, I’m Laura Bender, Recruitment Specialist for Bluewater Advisory coming to you today from the beautiful, Baltimore Inner Harbor.  Today’s blog post:  Do you need a high level of emotional intelligence in order to be an effective leader?  The answer to that question is simply, yes.  You do need a high emotional quotient or EQ in order to be a strong and effective leader. Let’s first start off and define what is EQ, Emotional Quotient or Emotional Intelligence.  Emotional Intelligence is the ability to understand not only your own emotions but also the emotions of others and your ability to
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Repeat After Me: “DISC assessments for young adults!”

Hi, I’m Ginny Stimpson, Gulf Coast Market Director for Bluewater Search coming to you today from sunny Fairhope, Alabama. Repeat after me – DISC assessment for young adults and teenagers. How would you like to reduce the household drama this summer? Well, TTI has come up with a version of the DISC assessment that is currently being used by thousands of business professionals world-wide on a monthly basis. They have come up with young adult version. This will help you to communicate more effectively within your home this summer and reduce that drama that inherently comes with having teenagers and
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