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The Importance of Succession Planning and a Timely,Tragic Tale

Hi I’m Mark Debinski founder & president of Bluewater Advisory broadcasting again today from lovely Fairhope, Alabama right on Mobile Bay.  Today’s topic:   The Importance of Succession Planning. We recently presented at a conference in Destin, Florida with several companies that were first, second even third generation business owners on the topic of Succession Planning.  And we were reminded currently with a sad but timely example of how having a proper succession plan in place can sometimes save your company. We want to share three points with you today. Succession planning needs to start with the current generation of ownership
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The Proof of the Power of Job Benchmarking

Hi, I’m Laura Bender, Recruitment Specialist for Bluewater Advisory coming to you today from Bluewater’s Headquarters here in Eldersburg MD. Today’s blog is about The Proof of the Power of Job Benchmarking. Have you heard about the recent job benchmark study?   A recent study of a multinational company in which TTI Success Insights Assessments and Job Benchmarks were analyzed, firmly proves and supports the use and value of Job Benchmarks for high performance. The study showed that over 97% of under performing employees would have not been questioned further or perhaps even hired if Job Benchmarking had been utilized in
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