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Bluewater Welcomes Teresa Adams

We are happy to welcome Teresa Adams to our Bluewater team as Managing Director of Bluewater Search and Bluewater Denver. With over 19 years of experience as a Global Executive Search Consultant and Executive Career Coach, Teresa is an enthusiastic and articulate communicator with a reputation for building trust and engaging clients in a journey of self-discovery and tactical strategy which provides the confidence and insight – as well as the roadmap – to take careers to the next level.  Career transition at the senior executive level comes with an added layer of risk. Teresa is an authentic transitional coach, and has assisted scores of
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The Cost of a Wrongful Hire

    If you have been a hiring manager for any period of time, you have probably experienced the pain associated with hiring the wrong person. If you think through some of those bad experiences, what often comes to mind are the pains associated with the hire. This could include a wide variety of things such as the negative impact they had on team unity, the impact their lack of engagement had on productivity, or the stress that dealing with the employee had on your life. Making the wrong hire can have a wide ranging impact on your business. Frankly,
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  Employee Retention – It’s a phrase we hear used quite often in the workplace. Virtually all companies say that they are striving to improve their retention. Yet, few can tell you specifically what they are doing to impact their retention rate. Many companies don’t necessarily make the connection between the hiring and onboarding process with retention. But the two are closely related. We recently read an article written by Jennifer Lawhead at TTI that got right to the heart of the matter. We hope you enjoy this impactful article. If you are ready to invest in your employees, Bluewater can
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