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It Turns Out, It’s What We All Want

  “They do what I ask, but not what I need.” – nearly every Owner, President and CEO we work with I heard this incredibly powerful and insightful statement for the first time nearly two years ago from an Owner and President of a midsized, successful manufacturing organization. He was stating that the leaders in his organization were decent leaders, but he needed more from them.  Since that day, we have heard the same sentiment repeatedly (though usually not as succinctly stated from our Dallas client) from leaders around the country and in nearly every industry.  It is a powerful
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Space: The Final Professional Frontier

  Instead of setting New Year’s Resolutions, my partner, Mark Debinski and his family choose a word for the year. A mantra, if you will, to focus on, remind themselves of and inspire them for the year.  I love this idea and have adopted it the past few years. This year, I have settled on the word, space. I, much like most people, lead a very busy life.  Somedays it feels like I never stop moving from the moment my eyes open in the morning until the moment they close at night (usually on the couch immediately after putting the
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