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The Meeting Room Elephant

Have you ever been in a meeting where upon entering the room it’s CLEAR that something is up? It feels…off…strange…something is awry, but you don’t know what – and your guess is that others feel it too. And, have you ever been in a meeting where the person facilitating the meeting doesn’t notice nor acknowledge the weird vibe in the room? It is likely that you have. Most of us have had our spidey senses go on alert at one time or another. Now, think back to the first ten minutes of that meeting. When the meeting leader started the
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Bluewater Advisory Welcomes Karen Falkler to Their Team

  Sykesville, MD, April 23, 2021 — Bluewater Advisory, a national award-winning leader in talent management and leadership development, announced that Karen Falkler has joined the firm as Principal effective April 2021. As Principal at Bluewater, Falkler will focus on fostering new and existing client relationships, and adding additional depth to Bluewater’s training, coaching and succession planning expertise. At her core, Falkler is a true people-person. She loves helping clients discover a deeper understanding of both themselves and their businesses—equipping them for current challenges, as well as preparing them for any unexpected twists or turns down the road. Falkler commented,
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