A Different Type of Recruiting

Hi, I’m Mark Debinski Managing Member and Chief Talent Officer of Bluewater Advisory broadcasting today from Destin Beach, Florida.  Today’s topic is A Different Kind of Recruiting.

We are often asked what makes Bluewater Advisory’s approach to recruiting so unique and effective.  We like to keep things simple and it comes down to three things.  The first is called a job benchmark.  The second is a very strategic and analytical approach to sourcing and assessing candidates. The third is a continuous improvement process and the fact that we stand behind our work.

Let’s look at each one briefly.

The first one, the job benchmark – a process patented by our strategic partner, Target Training International.  We take our clients through a facilitated process and at the end we come up with 19 key attributes or ideal attributes for the perfect person for that position in that organization.  We park that as our benchmark.  Then, as we assess candidates that have the basic qualifications for the position, we put them through a battery of assessments. We literally compare their attributes to the benchmark attributes with something called the job fit index.  We don’t take the heart out of the process we just balance objectivity and subjectivity – balance the head with the heart per se. The third thing is a continuous improvement process and the fact that we stand behind our work.  We debrief after every search engagement that we fill.  What worked, what could we have done better, how we can apply the best practices to the next engagement.  Every one is different but there are common threads that we can apply to future engagements.  We also guarantee our work.  If you hire someone and that person doesn’t work out, we will fill that position again.  I’m happy to say, after several years, we’ve never had to make good on that guarantee. Every one of our placements has worked out.  It has also earned us the title of 2011 Selection Specialist of the Year.

If you would like to learn more, please drop us a line or give us a call.  We would love to talk with you.

Thanks and have a great day!

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