About Us

Your Talent is Your Choice

At Bluewater, we believe that as a leader you are either creating learned excellence or learned helplessness. Your talent is your choice. We work with leaders who feel morally obligated to do right by their people. We give people-centric leaders access to the Bluewater Way, a set of unique offerings that covers all aspects of professional development including:

Leadership Development, through proven leadership programs and individual performance coaching.

Organizational Lift, including:

  • Team development: from forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning, Bluewater’s Principals are experienced leaders themselves, passionate about pouring into teams and individuals to help them perform at their highest and best opportunity
  • Training: over 50 modules of in-person or live web training complimented by a full suite of online learning management systems (LMS)
  • Assessments and diagnostics
  • Corporate Retreats, via curated and concierged programs in locations and venues throughout the U.S. to meet our clients’ objectives and budgets
  • Vision, Mission & Values
  • Strategic Planning with built-in accountability

Succession, covering all aspects and specializing in multi-generational businesses and closely held firms. From Board planning and development to strategic Mind the Gap programs, we help clients navigate significant events.


You can’t take a course for this line of work. Sure, we have the requisite degrees and certifications, but when you are dealing with people’s careers and livelihoods, proven success and experience is critical.

Bluewater Partner Mark Debinski launched Bluewater in 2010 after participating in the leadership teams of a handful of family businesses of closely held firms. It is in these roles the craft is mastered, mettle is tested, and the results ultimately speak for themselves. Bluewater Managing Partner Lindsey Weigle joined Bluewater in 2012, and with a small band of Bluewater professionals have made a positive and lasting difference in hundreds of businesses and thousands of lives.

While we have more tools that you can shake a stick at, our premise is simple when working with our clients: understand the Commander’s Intent or burning platform, develop a thoughtful approach based upon experience and resources needed and implement through our signature candor with respect approach.