Assessments & Diagnostics

Your Leadership Style Revealed Through Analytics

The assessment process we use has been authenticated to 87.3% accuracy

The rise of big data has led to so many opportunities for businesses to better understand their people, a trend Bluewater has wholeheartedly embraced since its inception in 2010. Using the world’s most reliable assessments with our assessment provider partner, TTI Success Insights, Bluewater is able to use data to reveal facts and insights that many leaders themselves do not even know.

Through the use of science-based and validated assessments, Bluewater can help companies accomplish solutions they’ve previously struggled with. This includes:

  • Finding the best candidate for a hard-to-hire-for position
  • Integrating new hires in a way that sets them up for future success
  • Reignite the passion in current employees that may have become dormant
  • Spark new avenues of communication between employees or teams
  • Build solid and meaningful relationships between managers and employees

The assessment process we use has been authenticated to 87.3% accuracy – meaning we can make recommendations with confidence they are more accurate than any other assessment tool on the market. Our assessment partner, TTI Success Insights, is currently being used in 90 countries in 40 different languages and has helped millions of people understand the behaviors, motivations, and skill they bring to their position.

With TTI’s job-related and assessments tools, coupled with our deep expertise in forming and leading powerful teams, the solutions we deliver will revolutionize your team and ultimately your business. Click here to view a sample report.

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