Business Consulting

To Develop, First Strategize, Then Adapt

Do you have a formidable challenge staring you and your executive team square in the face? Or maybe it’s a problem that is festering below the surface that finally must be addressed.

Bluewater Advisory can help you gain clarity and define a step-by-step plan to help you break through to the next level – and address your short- and long-term challenges head on – with our business management consulting services.

bluewater_advisory_sykesville_graph2Organizational Development

Today’s business environment has one primary requirement: adapt or be rendered irrelevant. Organizational effectiveness and growth depend on your company’s ability to meet challenges head-on, which is why every established organization should have a strategy that addresses organizational development. Through a thorough process that starts with identifying problem areas, Bluewater identifies where strengths and challenges lie, employee satisfaction, organizational effectiveness and more. From there, we conduct a four-step analysis, followed by interventions where necessary.

In addition to in-house consultants, Bluewater works in strategic partnership with Price + Associates, Odyssey Consulting Institute and the Top Quartile Performance Institute (TQPI), internationally acclaimed mastermind groups with access to some of the best minds and consultants in the world.

Change Management

One of the most potentially volatile situations in business is a change in leadership – whether it is abrupt or very well planned. Bluewater guides companies through this time, helping to chart a course that is future-focused and respectful for all parties involved.

When a change in management occurs, it’s usually one of two situations: tactical change management or strategic change management. A tactical change typically is directed at an individual or team that is already in operation. Examples of this are the restructuring of a team or the off-boarding of one executive while integrating another. A strategic change occurs when a long-term business overhaul needs to occur, shifts that will ultimately affect the business core. Examples of this are rebranding, finding new missions and altering company culture.

Whether the change be tactical or strategic, Bluewater builds a plan of action, enabling all parties to understand their roles and contributions to the new direction while coaching leaders through this time of change.

Business Strategy Planning

Our team of highly experienced consultants will plan and execute a clear path of growth. After examining all aspects of the business, a few examples of key areas our business strategy planning addresses:

  • Consistency: How can we keep growing at our current rate?
  • Sales: What sales quotas are required to hit our desired figures?
  • Hiring: What positions do we need to hire for? How many new hires will we need?

While many business consultants provide an overarching plan and leave it to their clients to implement. Bluewater takes a different approach.

Seasoned in creating actionable plans that align with a company’s business goals, Bluewater also stays on board for the day-to-day implementation. We take this approach because our clients told us strategic oversight married with the execution holds the most value for them. It’s an approach that also yields the strongest results.

Executive Coaching & Advisory

Even the most celebrated professional athletes rely on their coaches to critique, motivate and coach them to become the best versions of themselves. Business leaders need the same reinforcement and guidance.

Anyone within an organization leading and motivating others can benefit from executive coaching. A few telltale signs an organization is in need of executive coaching include:

  • Poor employee motivation or performance
  • A steady decline of productivity
  • Regular miscommunication between management and employees

With the right training, leaders can turn around organizational baggage and effectively correct any damage that may have been done. When one or more executives complete Bluewater’s executive coaching program, results may include increased performance, retention of top performers, decreased turnover rates and a stronger reputation with staff and clients. All of these factors position a business for continuous and accelerated growth.

The executive coaching program is a signature service at Bluewater. In our more than 20 years of executive coaching, we have seen clients soar to new heights. Clients often remark that their investment in Bluewater was one of the best decisions they ever made.

Ready to learn more about how Bluewater’s business consulting can help address your organization’s challenges?