Customer Service Excellence & Attention to Detail

Hi, I’m Mark Debinski, Managing Member of Bluewater Advisory.  I’m here to speak to you this week about customer service excellence and attention to detail.

At Bluewater, we strive to give our clients the best service that we can and provide them with the level of detail that world class organizations provide on a regular basis and it’s not always easy.  The best example of great customer service and attention to detail is right here at The Walt Disney World Resort.  From the little things such as the time you pull up to the hotel and the staff somehow knowing your name.  They have the names of each family member on individual keys.  Rather than just giving you your room number, they walk you to your room.  They make sure your room is ok and you are comfortable.  Then there are the things they do to never disturb the guests  or take away from the Disney experience such as moving trash and laundry underground .  Other positive things include the custom wardrobes that go with the theme of each resort – makes people feel as if they are really in Old Key West, a Victorian Hotel, a Caribbean Resort or even the Polynesian.

We would like to share an example of excellent customer service that we experienced yesterday at Magic Kingdom.  I ran into Brian, a gentleman with whom I’ve worked when I have taken business groups through the Disney Institute.  Brian was working a Fast Pass area for one of the rides.  I asked Brian if he switched jobs or if his responsibilities have changed.  He smiled and said no.  He explained that during Christmas week, Disney has an extraordinary number of guests at the resort. Hundreds of cast members donate their time in volunteering so they can make sure things run smoothly at all of the parks so that every guest will have the well-known level of service and that MAGICAL experience during their Disney visit.

We would live for you to think about how you can provide this level of service and attention to detail to your customers and clients on a daily basis.

Thanks and have a great day!

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