Is it like an Online Dating Site?

Hi, I’m Mark Debinski, Founder & Managing Member of Bluewater Advisory, broadcasting again this week from the beautiful Gulf Coast as we facilitate leadership training for an organization with whom we’ve worked for about three years.

Today’s topic – Is Bluewater’s recruitment process similar to those online dating and matchmaking sites?

Bluewater presented at an event last week and during the Q/A session, a gentleman raised his hand and said, “I think I understand that you use analytics in your recruitment process.  My question is, is it similar to those online dating or matchmaking sites?”  And the short answer is YES, it is similar.  The difference is while the matchmaking sites try to compare the attributes of two different individuals so they can pair them up for a successful match, we do the match with candidates and to the job itself as opposed to another person.

You may remember the job benchmarking system.   The result of the job benchmark is the 19 key or ideal attributes for any given position.  We look at the top 3 behaviors, the top 3 motivators, the top 7 competencies for the job and lastly, the top 6 acumen indicators, otherwise known as natural talents.  Then, as we source the candidates that have the basic requirements for the position (the degree, certification, years’ experience, etc.) we assess those candidates on four different levels and literally compare their attributes to the 19 key attributes identified in the job benchmark to come up with what we call a job fit index.  We don’t always recommend that the people with the highest match get hired because we also look at the subjective nature of the candidates.  But what we do is statistically increase the chances of a good hire.

Like the matchmaking sites, I can tell you that our process works.  We are 100% successful and we also offer a guarantee.

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