Leadership Rising

Leadership rising logo - leadership development programFor those who are willing, excellence is teachable.

The Bluewater Way™ is a set of seven timeless competencies that takes individuals on a journey from learned helplessness to becoming contemporary leaders who have learned excellence.

Leadership Rising™ is a 20 hour leadership development program delivered over three consecutive days that guides and empowers rising leaders to find and hone their true leadership style and apply those holistic leadership skills toward the betterment of the entire organization as well as their personal lives. This program was developed specifically for managers and leaders and includes best in class adult learning methodologies including experiential learning, case studies/current events, role play, accountability measures and planning in place.  (877) 543-0525

“While Bluewater has been known for our leadership development programs over the last half decade, Leadership Rising’s combination of content, work place application and accountability is our most impactful program ever.”

Lindsey Weigle & Mark Debinski,
Bluewater Master Trainers

To plan a program for your organization, contact Betty Enslow at:

betty@bluewateradvisory.com or (877) 543-0525

To plan a program for your organization, contact Betty Enslow at betty@bluewateradvisory.com or (877) 543-0525