Brandon Duke
Transformational Coach

Brandon is an Associate Consultant, transformational coach, and acclaimed trainer at Bluewater. He has an enthusiastic love for people, ideas, and authentic conversations, bringing passion and experience to our team. In addition, Brandon’s pursuit to understand, learn from, and question different perspectives, ideas, and approaches has taken him from the classrooms of inner-city Baltimore to North Africa. Brandon’s experience working with individuals and groups from many different cultures, who often see the world through very different paradigms, has refined his ability to find common ground among groups and truly connect with others.

If you follow Bluewater on Instagram or LinkedIn, you will often see quotes from our clients, many of which directly refer to the positive experience and value of the training or coaching they have experienced from Brandon.

Brandon’s passions and skills have found roots in coaching. Brandon strives to create a space to have authentic conversations that invite possibilities previously hidden. He coaches clients from many different areas of business, but all come to the table desiring a new way to approach an old problem or a desire to be clear when navigating new territory.

Brandon lives in the Outer Banks of North Carolina with his wife, Chrissy, and three daughters. He loves surfing, the outdoors and can quote some movies almost entirely. Fun fact: Brandon recently had a close encounter with a large shark while kayak fishing in the Atlantic, which ended without injury, except to the large red drum fish Brandon had been reeling in.