Lindsey Weigle
Managing Partner
Lindsey is the Managing Partner of Bluewater. In addition to serving as Principal on many client engagements, Lindsey’s passion for people and organizational development is shown in her development and delivery of leadership programs, workshops, group training, and one-to-one coaching. Lindsey draws from her professional experience, as well as her degree from Central Michigan University in Interpersonal Communication and Public Communication, with a minor in Marketing.

Joining the Bluewater team in the fall of 2014, Lindsey was immediately embraced by Bluewater’s clients as a truly caring advisor and coach who can bring out the best in people, often helping professionals develop their interpersonal skills and confidence to the same high level as their technical competence. Lindsey’s adaptability is hard to match and is admired by many. From training a group of 80+ United States Army Colonels in emotional intelligence to delivering a Dynamic Communications keynote to 300 hospitality conference attendees on the big stage, down to one-to-one coaching, Lindsey engages people, bringing folks naturally to a state of trust and eagerness to engage, to learn and to develop.

“We are lucky humans.” This is one of Lindsey’s phrases that sums up her outlook on the work we do, the clients and friends with whom we work, and life in general. And at the end of a busy week that often includes client work in a few cities and a handful of flights, we might hear, “This work is not for the fainthearted!” from Lindsey, sitting in her “unofficial/official” seat at the Delta Sky Club at MSP. Our schedules at Bluewater are robust, especially in the spring and fall seasons.

Lindsey’s love of learning and development also benefits Bluewater’s clients and colleagues. From Lindsey’s DREAMsmall program to her book Enough Already to her quarterly small group retreats in a cabin in the woods, Lindsey is always putting her heart into projects that help meet Bluewater’s mission of helping organizations and individuals work at their highest and best opportunity.

Lindsey is an avid Detroit Red Wings fan and lives near Frederick, Maryland, with her wonderful husband, Gabe, her daughter, Maggie, and her son, Barrett. Fun fact: Born and raised in south Detroit, Lindsey will proudly sing Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ any chance she encounters. Perhaps the most memorable was during a client retreat at the Green Parrot in Key West, with 17 locals playing the epic song on ukeleles.