Proof of the Hiring Process

by Bluewater Advisory

February 4, 2013

Hi, I’m Mark Debinski, Founder and President of Bluewater Advisory and Bluewater Search, broadcasting today from beautiful Huntington Beach, California as we prepare to run in Sunday’s Surf City Marathon.

Today’s topic is Foolproof Hiring Success and we are very excited to share with you some recent results that came from a large study of serial entrepreneurs.  Bill Bonnstetter, Founder and Chairman of Target Training International (TTI), recently released a study that has been noted in both Harvard Business Review and Inc. on the predictability of serial entrepreneurs.  There were many key findings from the study but the ones that resonated the most with us because of the hiring that we do, were the predictability values around using assessments in the hiring process.  What the study proved was that using multiple layer assessments significantly increases your chances of hiring success and predictability.  Here’s how the numbers go down:

  • When using behavior assessments alone, they validated predictability at about 62%. 
  • Using motivator assessments by themselves, predictability was a little bit lower at 59%. 
  • But when they combined behaviors and motivators assessments, predictability rose to 84%. 
  • Here’s the kicker, when soft skills were layered in and pre-assessments were used, the same thing that we do with our hiring process – behaviors, motivators and soft skills – the combined predictability rose to 92%. 

Wouldn’t you like those odds when you are making a hire?  We can share with you that it works.  We have done dozens of hiring and recruitment placements in the last year alone and every single of them were using these tools.  We use the job benchmark, three layered assessment and we look for the highest job fit and we present candidates to our clients. It works!

If you would like to learn more or would like a copy of the whitepaper, please reach out to us at or

Thank you and have a great day!