Eliminate the Uncertainty in Selection

When more and more employees are properly job matched, organizations are staged for long-term growth and prosperity

For most companies, recruiting and selection is a process filled with uncertainty. Where can you find the best talent? Will the candidate you select be a good fit for the company? How can we choose candidates who will swim instead of sink?

This fear persists, especially for companies that have prioritized their people over profit. However, the stakes are higher for these companies because they are keenly aware how a good hire could positively impact their organization forever while a bad hire could derail an otherwise healthy culture.

The Recruiting Advantage

Selecting the best talent is a critical competitive advantage for any business in today’s economy. Careful selection of great talent provides three key benefits:

  1. Job Satisfaction: Employees who meet the needs of a position are satisfied and fulfilled by their work.
  2. Increased Productivity: When you hire employees who are job matched to their position and your company, they are able to work autonomously and with fellow employees to produce excellent results.
  3. Improved Morale: An excellent hire synergistically matches the culture and effectively contributes to the engagement and morale of the entire organization.

These benefits translate into decreased employee turnover and increased revenue. When more and more employees are properly job matched, organizations are staged for long-term growth and prosperity.

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Getting The Best Recruitment Selection

Thorough recruiting and selection couples candidates’ skills and experience with their attitudes, behaviors, and values to create a rounded picture of job suitability. A complete recruitment selection strategy gets results in the following areas of talent management:

  • Recruitment: Assessments that accurately evaluate both the job and the individual candidates are crucial for finding the right candidate.
  • Selection: Finding talent goes beyond how impressive their resume reads or how well they perform during the interview process. Behaviors, motivators, and personal skills should be also assessed to determine the best fit for the position.
  • Development: Effective professional development starts with personalization to each employee’s unique behaviors, values, and personal skills.
  • Retention: When you can understand how to motivate and communicate with your new hire from day one, you drastically improve your chances of increasing retention.

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