Space in 2020: more than I had bargained for!

by Bluewater Advisory

December 21, 2020

As we wind down towards the end of the year, it’s a natural time for reflection, perhaps more this year than ever before. What have we accomplished? What have we survived? What have we done well? Where have we missed the mark? What have we adjusted, adapted and grown into?

Every year, I choose a word of the year. As I have shared before, it’s a lovely tradition that I have picked up from my partner, Mark Debinski and his family. This past year I chose the word “space” and man, did 2020 deliver!  I both simultaneously had ALL  “of the space” from people, as we in Maryland were among the first states to lock down (and as the mom of a son on the asthma spectrum, we have taken this quarantine VERY seriously, having extremely limited interactions since March), shifting nearly all of our work to virtual.  AND none “of the space”, as we have spent SO much time as a family in the four walls of our house. There hasn’t been an ounce of space in our days and yet, there has been all the space in the world.

As I begin to shift my sights to 2021, I can’t help but think of the adaptiveness and ingenuity that has come from the past year. Our Bluewater world has pivoted from initial striking blows to our traditional business model, to incredible wins that have challenged us and made us grow, each in their own right. By July, we were even featured in a regional article as an example of success in adapting!

I can already see how our business, clients and we as individuals, are better off in this new space. As leaders, isn’t that what each year is about? Making a plan for the year ahead, but growing, adapting and shifting as necessary. This past year certainly required more of that than ever before, but I hope that you, like we, can find the silver lining in the things this year has taught us, challenged us with and the opportunities presented to us.

In a few weeks, I will share my 2021 word of the year and why it seems more important than ever. But until then, I hope the few remaining days of 2020 give you the opportunity to reflect, re-evaluate and recharge after an undeniably long year. Wishing you the very warmest and happiest holidays.

Lindsey Weigle,