Space: The Final Professional Frontier

by Bluewater Advisory

January 6, 2020


Instead of setting New Year’s Resolutions, my partner, Mark Debinski and his family choose a word for the year. A mantra, if you will, to focus on, remind themselves of and inspire them for the year.  I love this idea and have adopted it the past few years. This year, I have settled on the word, space. I, much like most people, lead a very busy life.  Somedays it feels like I never stop moving from the moment my eyes open in the morning until the moment they close at night (usually on the couch immediately after putting the kids to bed but if I am lucky, in my bed at the end of the night).  It often feels like my days don’t belong to me. They belong to my emails, my clients, my kids, my house, my schedule and sometimes even, my chaos. Being part of a growing consulting firm (and a growing family) is exhilarating, challenging, fulfilling and magical.  However, it can also feel like a whirlwind, moving from one task, conversation, training, activity and location to the next.

In 2020 my focus is on creating space both professionally and personally.  Space in the morning for yoga and reading before the kids get up (at which point the day begins at full speed!). Space in my schedule to ensure I am devoting the time and energy needed for the business aspect of Bluewater not just the client facing training and facilitating that requires so much of our time.  Space in my closet so I am not shuffling things around to find the pair of shoes I need as I head out the door. Space on my desk to create a sense of calm when I am working. Space in the kids’ rooms to use their creativity and imagination. Space in my week to reflect and to brainstorm. Space in my day to appreciate the hot cup of tea while answering email.

Creating this space will not always be easy and it will require purging unnecessary things, habits and activities. But the reward on the other side is having the ability to be more fully engaged with the day, with my clients, with my work and with my family.  To being more intentional in my days, connected in my conversations and patient in the hard moments.

My question to you: what value would creating more space in your day, week and month, add into your life, your work and your leadership?

Wishing you success, happiness and space in 2020.


Lindsey Weigle, Partner