Succession in 5 Steps:

At Bluewater, we hold business owners and leaders in the highest regard. We also respect that succession starts at a very personal level and can stir emotions from all ranges of the spectrum. Guiding leaders through succession is one of our specialties, and we approach it holistically, with the utmost respect, confidence, and concierge-level support.

  • Admit you are mortal
  • Give yourself the grace to enjoy life more
  • Plan and approach it strategically
  • Remember the wisdom of leadership guru Lee Thayer: “Things take longer than they do
  • Trust but verify

For many business owners, their default is to delay thinking about their exit strategy, like a physical exam or life insurance. For others, they cannot wait to exit, be it by family or internal generational leadership transfer, non-sale, formal sale or benevolent transfer, merger, asset sale, stock sale, ESOP, or another method. Whichever end of the continuum you sit, by the time you, your family, or your managers begin talking about succession, it means they have been thinking about it for some time.

At Bluewater, we meet owners where they are. We work to understand their short, medium and long-term intent. Trust runs deep. We get to know the company at an intimate level, including oft-complicated legal structures, key players, and family members, including spouses and significant others. We facilitate conversations that must take place and coordinate as necessary with legal, accounting, and other professional service providers. Finally, we help owners weigh their ultimate goals with a myriad of options and develop and help implement the plan most preferred and suitable for each unique situation. We are honored to have served family businesses, closely held businesses, and professional services firms throughout the United States and the U.K.

“Put your eggs in one basket, then watch that basket!”

~ Mark Twain