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“I am starting to wonder if she can’t do it or if she just doesn’t care.”

Teamwork. Good communicator. Adaptable. Forward thinker. Active listener. In our line of work, we hear these words all the time. They are the words we have come to use so frequently when talking about how our organizations and teams need to operate, we could list them in our sleep. In coaching conversations, I hear clients say, “I told my direct report that I need her to be a better listener, but I continue to have others on the team come to me and say that she still is so hardheaded in meetings.” When working with leaders I hear, “In our
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Oh…So We’re Talking to People?

“Oh. So…I guess we are talking to people today?” As these words entered my thought stream, it startled me. It was a beautiful day, unseasonably warm for the first Saturday in May. My husband and I had brought our kids to our neighborhood beach to enjoy the 85-degree weather and to splash in the (still very chilly) lake for the morning. He was standing on the beach chatting (socially distant) with a few other husbands that were near us, though we did not know any of them personally.  In DISC speak, I am a “High I” (extroverted and people oriented),
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The Meeting Room Elephant

Have you ever been in a meeting where upon entering the room it’s CLEAR that something is up? It feels…off…strange…something is awry, but you don’t know what – and your guess is that others feel it too. And, have you ever been in a meeting where the person facilitating the meeting doesn’t notice nor acknowledge the weird vibe in the room? It is likely that you have. Most of us have had our spidey senses go on alert at one time or another. Now, think back to the first ten minutes of that meeting. When the meeting leader started the
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