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Why am I so tired?

In my world, November was supposed to be less busy than the three previous months were. However, as of November 12th, that has not been the case. I still feel like I am living at warp speed, putting on the polish and showing up for my clients every day while in reality my batteries are draining faster than ever. And as I continue to coach individuals around the country, I hear that same things from them. In a conversation earlier in the week with a coaching client, she shared with me how she knows that she has a bigger willpower
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A To Do List is Not a Plan

“P.S. Had the most productive day today in a month because I took 5 mins last night to PLAN and I set aside my first hour today to NOT LOOK AT EMAILS but to get my high priority tasks done FIRST. LOVED IT SOOOOOOOO SO, SO, MUCH.  THANK YOU! I will definitely be keeping this going AND recommending it to others!!!” This piece of magic was sent to me in an email earlier in the week. I was on a one-to-one call with a woman participating in our current leadership program when she shared that she was feeling overwhelmed and scattered
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