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Once – I say it and hear it all the time.

Professionally: Once I get through this week Once we get a bit of breathing room Once this project is done Once we get through to the end of this year And personally: Once I get the house organized Once the credit cards are paid off Once we get to our summer vacation Once the kids are older The destination is always different but the sentiment is the same –  we must endure our current situation until some distant point in the future when things will be better and we will find happiness, joy, contentment or peace. While in some respects
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It Turns Out, It’s What We All Want

  “They do what I ask, but not what I need.” – nearly every Owner, President and CEO we work with I heard this incredibly powerful and insightful statement for the first time nearly two years ago from an Owner and President of a midsized, successful manufacturing organization. He was stating that the leaders in his organization were decent leaders, but he needed more from them.  Since that day, we have heard the same sentiment repeatedly (though usually not as succinctly stated from our Dallas client) from leaders around the country and in nearly every industry.  It is a powerful
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