Talent Management

The Art And Science Of Talent Management

Successful companies and the brilliant leaders guiding their success all have one thing in common – a whole-hearted commitment to valuing their people.

But even the most innovative, people-first leader will tell you their biggest problem is finding the talent. Without attracting the right people at the right time in the right job, growth is impossible to sustain.

For many companies, the solution is often enlisting headhunting and recruiting services, which are typically ineffective and expensive. On top of that, these companies fail to remove the natural biases we all bring to an interview, which is why so many leaders bring a new hire on board only to find the hire was wrong for the position or the company.

Executive talent management is far more than looking at a resume and matching on experience and education. Instead, executive talent management is a balance of art and science.

At Bluewater we’ve developed a proprietary process that dramatically reduces the hiring guesswork so many companies have settled for in the past.

Our clients enjoy 12-month new hire retention rates of over 90%, compared to a national average of approximately 50%

Bluewater Advisory takes a five-point approach to executive talent management

No two businesses are alike, and at Bluewater, we understand the need for customized approaches to recruiting and selection. For organizations with an in-house talent management staff but a need to improve its hiring and development program, increase retention and engagement or decrease turnover, Bluewater offers supportive consulting services. We take the “teach a man to fish” approach, developing a fully tailored program followed by training the internal team to carry it forward. Our involvement, while temporary, sets the stage for long-term results.

Recruiting mistakes are very expensive, both from lost revenue and impact on culture. Our executive management team practically eliminates any uncertainty with our proven process that produces 65% better results than traditional headhunting approaches. Bluewater uses technology-based assessments to match a person to a job using data, paired with our proven integration and development programs to set up a new employee for success.

An offer letter being signed is the beginning, not the end, of ensuring a new hire is set up for success. Bluewater’s effective integration program – completely tailored to the individual’s behaviors, motivators and more – provides clarity to how they will thrive in their role, how they can lead and how they will contribute to the company’s revenue. Once the integration is complete, the new hire will feel empowered to hit the ground running.

Job benchmarking is Bluewater’s first step in every recruiting engagement. Many organizations make the mistake of hiring based only on a job description instead of taking the time to really understand the key accountabilities of the job. Bluewater’s patented job benchmarking process unveils information like key responsibilities, soft skills, values, behaviors and motivators that an ideal candidate holds. By starting with job benchmarking, Bluewater is able to find candidates who not only have the skills to do the job well but who will be motivated and fulfilled in that position.

Companies hiring 20 people per year or more would benefit from our applicant tracking software to streamline the hiring companywide. Bluewater is one of a few firms in the world authorized and trained to distribute Talent Management Plus™ (TMP), the world’s first assessment-based applicant tracking system. Fully EEOC and OFCCP compliant, TMP gives companies who use it a full database search, job benchmark comparison, reporting and tracking.

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