The Meeting Room Elephant

by Bluewater Advisory

April 27, 2021

Have you ever been in a meeting where upon entering the room it’s CLEAR that something is up?

It feels…off…strange…something is awry, but you don’t know what – and your guess is that others feel it too.

And, have you ever been in a meeting where the person facilitating the meeting doesn’t notice nor acknowledge the weird vibe in the room?

It is likely that you have. Most of us have had our spidey senses go on alert at one time or another. Now, think back to the first ten minutes of that meeting. When the meeting leader started the meeting and barreled right on through without even a hint of reading the cultural current of the room and addressing the elephant that is so obviously dancing in the corner. How much of those first ten minutes of the meeting did you pay attention to? Probably not many. You likely spent the first ten minutes or so wondering what was going on, wondering why no one was addressing the odd feeling, negative or awkward energy and wondering if you were the only one that felt it. No matter how tenured the leader of that meeting was (or how important the information shared), the underlying feeling in the room stole the show and wet-blanketed the intended content. It could have been announced that everyone was getting $5,000 bonuses but you wouldn’t have heard a word. You (and everyone else) were too focused on the negative emotional current circling the room.  Friends, it does not have to be like this!

When we think about emotional intelligence, it’s easy to think about self-awareness and self-regulation, the most commonly referenced dimensions of EQ, and also easiest to relate to of the five dimensions. But there are three other critical aspects that greatly impact our communication and influence as a leader. So often we THINK we have done everything right on our end to ensure successful communication and accountability. However, the additional dimensions of emotional intelligence, especially social awareness and social regulation have a major impact as to how we are actually perceived and how our communication is received by others.

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Lindsey Weigle,