The Proof of the Power of Job Benchmarking

Hi, I’m Laura Bender, Recruitment Specialist for Bluewater Advisory coming to you today from Bluewater’s Headquarters here in Eldersburg MD.

Today’s blog is about The Proof of the Power of Job Benchmarking.

Have you heard about the recent job benchmark study?   A recent study of a multinational company in which TTI Success Insights Assessments and Job Benchmarks were analyzed, firmly proves and supports the use and value of Job Benchmarks for high performance.

The study showed that over 97% of under performing employees would have not been questioned further or perhaps even hired if Job Benchmarking had been utilized in the first place.

The study also showed that 83% of high performing employees would have been recognized as high-potential and recommended to move forward in the interview process.

Overall, this 33,000 employee organization will now be evaluated using Job Benchmarks, and TTI Success Insights Assessments and Job Benchmarks will be utilized in their hiring processes going forward.

So what have we learned today?  When implemented correctly, Job Benchmarks can truly help you find the best candidates for your open positions.  They can help you save time and money by hiring right, and they can help reduce the learning curve for new-hires due to a stronger job fit.

If you like some more information about Job Benchmarking or if you would like to implement Job Benchmarking in your own hiring processes, feel free to give us a call or visit us online at

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