There is a Method to Break the Talent Management Madness

by Bluewater Advisory

September 7, 2016


Photo cred: TTI Success Insights


Discussions about talent management systems can lead to many places. Many companies use multiple sources to accomplish their talent management needs: a recruiter to find people; different motivation systems attempting to engage employees; and advance, or develop, people through internal managers measuring performance with basic performance indicators. However, It is rare for all these pieces to fit together or build on each other. These systems are also unlikely to have any relevance to the job itself.

What if…

… The job could talk? What skills and talents would the job ask for?

… You had a specific job benchmark with Key Accountabilities for every job? How much more accurate could your hires be?

… You could base performance evaluations on specific Key Results Indicators required by the job? How much would productivity increase?

… You could eliminate the natural biases inherently part of most processes?

… One program enabled you to Discover the right talent, Engage current staff, Advance your high potentials and Perform at a higher level based on critical factors or performance indicators of the job?

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