To PIP or not to PIP

Hi, I’m Mark Debinski, Managing Member and Chief Talent Officer of Bluewater Advisory.  I’m going to share with you today how we recently declined some business.

Upon the conclusion of a Leadership Development Program that we completed last week in Florida, the President asked if we would work with one of his particular managers for the next 90 days under a Performance Improvement Program, commonly referred to as a PIP.  This means that there are specific things upon which the manager must improve in the next 90 days or the manager will lose their job –  a serious situation.  This is not uncommon in the work that we do.  In fact, over the last couple of months we have had two very successful coaching engagements under the umbrella of a PIP and the managers rose to the occasion, we got them where they needed to be and it worked out great.  The difference with this situation, when we asked the President what needed to be changed and what attributes should the manager improve upon, the President just shook his head and said, “To be honest with you, the decision has already been made, the person is not cut out for this position, he’s not going to make it and we just want to go through this improvement program because we think it’s the right thing to do & it will look better in the employee files”, etc. etc.  That’s when we said, thanks, but no thanks.

It’s our opinion that if you know that an employee is not cut out for their job, you have already done everything  you can do for the employee and  the decision has already been made, you should stand up, lead and make the change.  Don’t put the employee through the stress of the 90 days if you know they are not going to make it in the first place.  Use the money that you would have spent on coaching and put it in a severance package.

That’s my message for the day.  Thanks and make it a great day!

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