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Transforming Managers into Excellent Leaders

Team building can’t be truly effective without starting

with behavioral training

The most successful leaders understand how crucial it is for their people to be naturally engaged – which leads to high productivity, synergistic teams and ultimately a healthy bottom line.

Bluewater’s acclaimed Leadership Development Program does just this – a program that transforms promising managers into excelling leaders, which ultimately guides the future of a business. Through a combination of lecture, theory role-play, Harvard Business Review cases and real world exercises, the Leadership Development Program gets to the heart of a high performer’s potential and maps out their personal style of leadership.

Bluewater offers the following leadership training workshops and facilitations:


Team building can’t be truly effective without starting with behavioral training – developing deep awareness about how they act in professional and personal settings, observable behaviors and how their behavioral styles complement or collide with their peers. Our dynamic communication and executive team building workshops are a powerful way to create that foundational knowledge that serves as a starting point to learning their leadership style.

Bluewater’s signature workshops for executive teams include:

  • Dynamic Communication
  • Increasing Engagement Through Understanding Of Values & Driving Forces
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Corporate & Executive Team Building
  • Team Leadership, via Patrick Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions Of A Team
  • Team Effectiveness Tracking
  • Timespan And Managing Others Based Upon Their Timespan Capacity
  • Communication Leadership


Highly effective leaders have a talent for envisioning the big picture – and influencing others to follow their lead in working toward a vision. With strategic planning facilitation, Bluewater bridges the gap between ambitious goals and convincing others to follow.

Strategic planning is like preparing for a great ship voyage – you need to make sure you know where you are going and the best way to get there before you set sail. To do this, you must consider all elements of the journey. Strategic planning consultants guide you through every phase of planning to ensure that your company is directed towards a clearly identified destination.

Strategic planningMaking arrangements for the journey
VisionThe ultimate destination/port at which you wish to arrive
ValuesHow you will carry out the journey; the guiding principles that hold your crew together
MissionThe reason for the journey; why you have set forth for a new destination
Internal Analysis (that which you can control)The resources onboard, the number and qualities of crew members, etc.
External analysis (that which you cannot control)Winds, storms, etc.
GoalsMajor ports to visit on the way
StrategiesChoosing the best route to reach each port safely
Action PlanningThe role each crew member will fulfill, i.e. captain, helmsman, engineer, etc.
BudgetingFiguring out the amount of money needed for the trip to resupply and sustain the crew
Plan Implementation and AdjustmentDisembarking from port to start the journey, navigating new routes when headwinds are too strong, etc.


You already invest heavily in your crew. What if a marginal addition to that investment could produce dramatically higher returns – both for the company, as well as your team? Our business leadership training is designed to do just that. Your executive team absorbs the lessons and puts them into practice. They then permeate through the organization, creating a culture of up-and-coming leaders and peer accountability.

Bluewater’s training program helps executives become the trailblazers your organization needs. Bluewater uses a top-down approach for training. We start our program at the highest executive level to foster strong buy-in, and also provide the opportunity for in-house leaders to help further the training through the lower levels of your organization.

Our graduate-level executive leadership program functions like a college semester. Executives will work through series of modules designed to educate on and assess leadership skills. Over the course of a few months, you will watch your leadership blossom into its fullest potential.


One of the first rules of effective succession planning is that it needs to start with the current generation of ownership or management. Many companies make the mistake of waiting until it’s too late, putting off succession planning only to be faced with confusion, conflict and dilemmas in the unfortunate case that the owner or president is not able to work.

If your business will benefit from a solid plan in place – which supports natural succession as well as crisis planning should a tragedy strike, succession planning services will create a clear action plan that could be put into place at a moment’s notice. Because succession planning takes time, it’s best to be proactive in this planning so decisions can be made without pressure or the emotion of a tragedy.


bluewater_advisory_sykesville_mark_speakingConsidering a dynamic professional keynote speaker to add energy to your next meeting or conference? Bluewater’s affiliated keynote speakers are professionally trained and certified, and sure to connect with your team in a style both engaging and informative. Use one of Bluewater’s professional keynote speakers to highlight and emphasize your take-home message at your next event.

To hire a Bluewater keynote speaker, please contact us directly at 877-543-0525.

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