Why Us

Bluewater’s Managing Partner Lindsey Weigle and founder Mark Debinski share three fundamental cornerstones. First is Bluewater’s shared values:


  • Truth
  • Excellence
  • Compassion
  • The Pursuit
  • Abundance

Second, is our size. We are purposely a small, boutique consultancy and advisory firm, choosing not to scale up in order to maintain our focus on our clients, and we pride ourselves on being high-touch and in-person. From Southwest Companion passes to Million Milers on Delta, we meet our clients where they are because real relationships are built – and real organizational change is achieved in person.

Third, we take great care when adding to our team. Trusted and loyal Executive Admin Betty Enslow has been with Bluewater from Day One, Richard Sien has expertly directed our talent management division for a dozen years, and Associate Brandon Duke exemplifies our values and complements our expertise with his accomplished work with clients.