Words that DON’T WORK: A Pilot Study Examining Verbal Barriers

by Bluewater Advisory

August 19, 2016

Photo Cred: TTI Success Insights

Photo Cred: TTI Success Insights

Communication is at the core of all that we do as human beings. While verbal interaction may seem to come naturally, it is a rich and complex process. Communication requires us to be aware of and tuned into thousands of data points from nonverbal cues to gestures, and even — subtle verbal cues.

While most people can relate to being repelled by various topics of discussion — are there certain words that stop communication from occurring? Words that, when used, cause our minds to close, our mouths to shut and our brains to mentally pack up shop?

New findings from a pilot study conducted by Target Training International’s Center for Applied Cognitive Research suggests the way we communicate with one another and the words we choose are vitally important. In fact, what seems to be critical is avoiding the wrong words: words that seem to fit the discussion from our point of view, may actually result in negative reactions when interpreted by others.

Download the white paper to read more about TTI Success Insights findings.