Would you like a crystal ball for your business? Introducing Growth Curve.

by Bluewater Advisory

May 18, 2013

Hi, I’m Mark Debinski, Founder & President of Bluewater Advisory and Bluewater Search broadcasting again today from lovely Fairhope Alabama with today’s blog topic and it’s more of a question than a topic and the question is:  How would you like a crystal ball?  A crystal ball, in a sense of how would you like to know the challenges that your organization will face as you go through various stages of growth.  I’d like to introduce to you a methodology called Growth Curve.  Growth Curve is a validated practice that’s been proven over the last 5 years through the study of 650 growing companies.  The methodology behind growth curve follows that an organization’s complexity correlates directly with the number of people in the organization.  As your organization goes through each one of seven stages of growth, we’ve identified specific challenges that your organization will face and working with a Certified Growth Curve Strategist, you cannot only address the challenges you are facing now but also look to the challenges you will face as you enter your next stage of growth and prepare for those now rather than later.

Lastly, I’d also like to announce that Bluewater’s Consultants are some of the first in the country to be certified as Growth Curve Strategist.

If you would like more information, please visit us online at www.BluewaterAdvisory.com or reach out to our international number, 877-543-0525.

Thanks and have a great day!