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Job Benchmarking – as easy as paint by numbers

Hi I’m Mark Debinski founder & president of Bluewater Advisory & Bluewater Search broadcasting today from beautiful Islamorada, Florida.  What if we shared one tool with you today that would immediately allow you to help your organization do a better job hiring? And what if we told you that it’s as easy as paint by numbers?  You remember paint by numbers when you were a kid and you were given a picture that just had the outline and the outline was segmented into sections and each one had a number and all you had to do to create a great
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Proof of the Hiring Process

Hi, I’m Mark Debinski, Founder and President of Bluewater Advisory and Bluewater Search, broadcasting today from beautiful Huntington Beach, California as we prepare to run in Sunday’s Surf City Marathon. Today’s topic is Foolproof Hiring Success and we are very excited to share with you some recent results that came from a large study of serial entrepreneurs.  Bill Bonnstetter, Founder and Chairman of Target Training International (TTI), recently released a study that has been noted in both Harvard Business Review and Inc. on the predictability of serial entrepreneurs.  There were many key findings from the study but the ones that
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Beware Applicants – Don’t Burn Bridges

Hi and Happy New Year! I am Mark Debinski, Founder & President of Bluewater Advisory and Bluewater Search, broadcasting today from beautiful Mobile Bay. Today’s blog topic is: Don’t Burn Bridges. Our blog today is a little bit different in that we usually speak to business owners or those business executives making a hiring or organizational development decision. In this case, our blog is speaking directly to candidates. We would like to share three common mistakes and sometimes fatal flaws that we see in the recruitment and search process that candidates often make and hopefully you can learn from the
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